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Pin Cushion Swapping

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Pin Cushion Swap, originally uploaded by queen puff puff.

Hello! It’s finally spring. I am so happy as this has been a long and dreary winter. Warmer weather always inspires me to sew more. And so does this darling pin cushion that arrived in the mail the other day. I recently participated in the pin cushion swap that fellow Seamster Deborah organized and Heidi from Pie Dough Productions sent me this absolutely adorable handbag pin cushion. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

The handle has wire in it so it is nice and sturdy and the whole thing stands up thanks to her ingenious use of buttons on the bottom. Thank you so much Heidi! And thank you Deb for organizing this! It was a lot of fun!


Laptop Bag is done! But….

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Vinyl Laptop Bag, originally uploaded by queen puff puff.

I mismeasured when I was designing the pattern and made it too small! Sob! I forgot to account for the depth of the bag taking away from the width. So I can almost wedge in my laptop but it’s a real struggle. Oops!

That’s OK because I always say the first go round is like the first pancake. It’s never perfectly round and might be a little burnt but the second one you make always turns out stellar. So this bag was the first pancake and I’m excited to make another one!

 Here’s a couple of tips for working with vinyl:
1. use a leather needle and a teflon foot
2. use regular Gutermann poly thread
3. lengthen your stitch length to 3 for construction seams and then to 4 for topstitching
4. paperclip the seams together since pins will leave holes
5. when positioning the straps I scotch-taped them to the bag and stitched through the tape Fool proof placement!!

Laptop Bag in Progress

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

  • My inspiration from Craft Stylish, originally uploaded by queen puff puff.

    I’m making a laptop bag inspired by the vinyl satchel in the new issue of Craft Stylish. The exterior will be aqua sparkle vinyl and the interior will be quilted red satin. Snazzy!!!

    I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do the straps. I’d like it to go over the shoulder. Any ideas?